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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pink and Blue Wedding Redone

I won't name any names, but last a month the daughter of a fairly high-profile "reality tv" family got married.  I'm  a huge advocate of weddings being about the bride and groom and what THEY like and want, but her wedding was a complete and utter hot mess. It looked like Pinterest went to the county fair, ate too much cotton candy, and then vomited everywhere.  The bride chose hot pink and malibu blue as her colors, which isn't too horrible when you consider she is 19 years old and should have a theme that reflects youth and fun and free-spirits.  However, this wedding could have been much classier and looked a lot better if it had been toned down just a wee bit.
Eyelander Photography Island Wedding

To start with, pink and blue aren't inherently clashing.  If you choose the right tones of each they can be very gorgeous and fun.  For early spring, pastels work beautifully together along with white or cream accents.  For hotter weather, navy and hot pink are absolutely rocking! Even hot pink and a bright blue like Malibu blue can work well together if you keep the number of design elements to a minimum and use a clean, bright white to accentuate the details.
Tiffany Blue w/ Pink Accents

Dog-Gone Darling Pink and Blue by The Wedding Chicks

The worst thing about this wedding in particular was how muddled and messy the colors looked.  Each of the bridesmaids wore a different style of "modest" satin gown in either blue or pink, making it look like a bunch of teenage girls decided to recreate the 80's.  I personally think it would have looked better if all the bridesmaids had been wearing blue dresses and carrying pink bouquets instead of alternating blue/pink and carrying mixed bouquets.  At the very least, if the dresses had been simplified and not enormous and poofy it would have looked much more elegant.  For example, this wedding pictured to the right has a kind of fun and shabby-chic atmosphere thanks to the varied shades of simple pink and blue bridesmaids dresses.  Still not my favorite look ever, but it looks clean and refined and not messy or immature.  I like how the bouquets are mostly pink and white with just a touch of blue thrown in, and all the colors complement each other.

If you're thinking about a pink and blue wedding check out my Pinterest Board for more classy inspiration and ideas.  

Navy and Pink Bridesmaids


Sunday, October 6, 2013

WW#6- Casual Beachy Style

Last week I took a reader poll to decide what theme to use next and it was a tie between a beach theme and a hot pink theme. I've been in a beachy mood since it still feels like summer in my part of the country, so I decided to use the beach theme with a casual twist.  I don't think a formal beach wedding is appropriate because my mental image of a beach is fun and casual, plus you have to worry about all the sand so a big formal wedding on the beach just seems silly.

Casual Chiffon Dress
I thought a light and flowing, shorter length dress with no train would be the best option for a beach bride so she doesn't have to worry about her dress dragging in the sand and can stay relatively cool if the weather is hot. I really like the look of this knee length dress* to fit the casual style I was going for, but a breezy chiffon dress with an asymmetrical/high-low hemline would be equally lovely.   I would keep the bride's accessories minimal and fun; maybe some chunky costume jewelry and a large flower clip for her hair.  For her hairstyle I would continue the casual look with either a messy low updo, or just keep her hair down and wavy.  Of course the bride's shoes would be white flip flops because trying to walk on the beach in high heels sounds dangerous, not to mention unfitting for the casual look of this wedding.  I want to keep the bouquet simple, so a medium sized cluster of purple and white flowers completes the bride's look.

Strappy Chiffon Bridesmaid
The color scheme for this wedding is inspired by the natural colors of the beach.  To add a bit of a unique touch, I chose the main color to be a light purple lilac or lavender color instead of the usual baby blue or coral.  The accent colors would be sandy neutrals and creams.  This breezy chiffon bridesmaid dress from David's Bridal is absolutely perfect and looks like it would be comfortable too! I would style the bridesmaids similarly to the bride with a casually messy hairstyle, simple jewelry, and non-heeled sandals, as well as small bouquets.

I want to keep the wedding decor clean and natural looking.  A gigantic, elaborate cake and centerpieces would not fit the style at all.  This clean white cake from Lisa's Cakes in Lebanon, OH is absolutely beautiful (and probably delicious, too! Lisa made my wedding cake and it was A-MAZ-ING).  Another good cake option would be a long and low rectangular tiered cake with a simple white buttercream frosting design.  To decorate the reception tables, I would just use small clusters of candles and then spread rose petals around that.  Recorded classical music would add just a touch of elegance while still maintaining a casual tone.

*This wedding dress is from another online store and is provided only as inspiration for the style I wanted to showcase. As always, I do not recommend buying a gown online, especially when it is made and shipped from overseas and you have no way to see it in person or try it on before purchase. Any links provided in the text of this post are also provided solely for your information and are not part of any affiliate program.