Thursday, July 3, 2014

Free Summer Fonts

Now that July is here, summer is in full swing.  July is a great month for outdoor entertaining and your parties and picnics can have some extra sparkle with customized printed menus, placecards, and decorations.  If you're having a big buffet style party, it's nice to print out some labels so your guests know what each dish is and if there are any ingredients they may want to avoid.  There are thousands of great free fonts out there so you can match your print-outs to whatever theme you want instead of just using plain old, boring Times New Roman.  I personally like to browse FontSpace to find new decorative fonts, but there are other good font websites too.  All you need to do to use these free fonts is download the .zip file, scan it for viruses (just in case!), and then open and install it.  They'll be ready to go after installation and are compatible with most common word processing programs. Most of the fonts available are licensed for personal use only, but if you want to sell your work you may be able to contact the artist directly and pay a fee for a commercial use license.

Here are some of my favorite free summer fonts:
1. Reed of Love
2. Sweet Nature
3. Summer Sunshine
4. Beach Type

And here is a sample menu printed with the BeachType font: